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Genesis’ Online Car-Buying Experience Assigns Customers a Personal Advisor

Genesis' Online Car-Buying Experience Assigns Customers a Personal Advisor

The luxury car brand provides white-glove virtual support by connecting shoppers with a single host who will guide them through the entire process

The online car-buying process can seem daunting. Where to begin and how to tackle all the moving parts like test-drives and financing, especially for a big-ticket purchase, can be overwhelming for many shoppers—and only more so in a lockdown climate that further limits in-person services. Accordingly, auto brands are sharpening their online edge, leveraging opportunities within ecommerce to create personalized and perhaps even better experiences than brick-and-mortar can offer.

Hyundai-owned luxury brand Genesis is taking the wheel with its new Concierge experience, a next-level online service that matches customers with a personal advisor to guide them from discovery through to delivery. The process begins when consumers express interest in a vehicle that they like online and reach out to the Genesis Concierge. Next, they promptly receive an email or text message about their inquiry. From there, the same advisor will steer them along their journey to purchase, providing personalized support, answering any questions, liaising with retailers on behalf of the client, scheduling test drives at home, and even arranging for financing and delivery of a vehicle should a purchase be made.

The goal of the program is to enable a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey that leaves the heavy-lifting to the advisor, enabling a complete and convenient online experience in a category that can sometimes struggle to translate to online. PSFK researchers included the Genesis Concierge in an article spotlighting next-level ecommerce journeys—check it out here.

The Genesis Concierge