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Wellness Newsletter Builds Community with Hybrid Virtual-IRL Membership Platform

Wellness Newsletter Builds Community with Hybrid Virtual-IRL Membership Platform

A new community platform from Girls Night In offers participants the chance to build meaningful relationships in a time of mass disconnection

Girls' Night In,  newsletter dedicated to topics of wellness and self-care, has created The Lounge, a membership platform for building connections online and in person. As COVID-19 continues to limit access to making friends and finding community, The Lounge offers members a supportive group of likeminded strangers.

For now, all of The Lounge's activities are virtual and fully remote. Programs include book groups, craft sessions and lunch clubs. Membership also comes with additional perks like discounts to stores and restaurants that fit into their wellness-centric ethos including Modern Citizen, Bluestone Lane, and 305 Fitness.

Membership costs $130 per year or $12 per month, and there's currently a waitlist. “We want to ensure that our community continues to be diverse and intimate and that we can offer access to programming for all of our community,” explains the FAQ.

PSFK researchers featured The Lounge in recent research on post-purchase opportunities for healthcare businesses and other companies to create greater value and foster loyalty. Find out more about accessing the research paper here.

The Lounge by Girls' Night In