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The Selfridges Rental Collection Offers Eco-Conscious Luxury at Affordable Prices

The Selfridges Rental Collection Offers Eco-Conscious Luxury at Affordable Prices

Selfridges broadens its audience without compromising on quality by offering consumers the opportunity to rent high fashion pieces at a small fraction of the retail price

The premium UK department store chain has joined forces with clothes-sharing platform Hurr to create its own rental program: the Selfridges Rental Collection offers wares from dozens of designer labels in Selfridges’ archive, which renters can borrow for periods of four, eight, ten or twenty days.

Starting prices ranging from US$19 (for a purse that retails for US$159) to US$257 (for a gown that retails for US$5,024). Consumers sign up for free to gain access to the lending library of exclusive merchandise and HURR takes care of dry cleaning the pieces, quarantining them for a safe amount of time between one renter and the next.

The rental collection engages younger consumers not only by offering luxury at an accessible price point but also by appealing to their values. The program is part of the department store's Project Earth, which aims to offer sustainable solutions for eco-conscious retail. With the project, Selfridges can engage consumers at a younger age and build longer term relationships with them through ongoing engagement.

Project Earth also features a Repairs Concierge service, where experts help consumers restore old purchases either through in-store appointment or at-home collection, and a resale platform RESELLFRIDGES. These services keep pieces in circulation longer, reducing the environmental cost of shopping.

PSFK researchers highlighted Selfridges Rental Collection as one way that luxury companies are engaging new shoppers by prioritizing accessibility over exclusivity. See more examples of innovation in luxury here.

HURR X Selfridges