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Reebok’s ‘First Pitch’ Empowers Fans to Vote on New Designs

Reebok's ‘First Pitch' Empowers Fans to Vote on New Designs

The platform gives customers the ability to vote with their wallets on which designs go into production

Reebok's First Pitch invites fans to view design proposals, which remain live on the site for anywhere from three to 30 days. The first interested customer can commit $1 to the design, with the price rising by a dollar for each shopper who commits (i.e. the fifth person would have to commit $5), until the pledge reaches the retail price.

Once 500 people have committed to a design, Reebok will go ahead and produce it. Those who contributed via First Pitch will receive their pair nine weeks later. Conversely, if the design fails to reach the 500 commitments mark, the shoe won't be made. That way, these new designs will only be made if enough fans are interested, and regular site visits are rewarded with lower prices and early access.

For Reebok, First Pitch is a great way to hear directly from their customer community, collecting valuable data on their fan base's tastes and needs while fostering customer loyalty and engagement. The brand can learn from buyers while playing with riskier, more creative designs.

PSFK's researchers have featured First Pitch in this year's Future of Retail report as just one of the ways companies are building relationships with their consumer communities—view more details on this deep dive here!

First Pitch by Reebok