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Beauty Platform ‘Thirteen Lune' Amplifies Black- and Brown-Owned Brands

The platform uplifts Black and Brown creators, introducing their products to wider audiences and sharing their stories

Thirteen Lune is a collaboration between Nyakio Grieco, founder of beauty brand Nyakio, and Patrick Herning, founder of size-inclusive luxury fashion retailer 11 Honoré. Not only does the platform sell products created by Black- and Brown-owned brands—it also tells creators‘ stories on the site and its social channels, creating a deeper emotional connection with the products.

Grieco was inspired by her own experience—it took decades of hard work to achieve her dream, and she hopes to remove some of those barriers for other creators, both for their own sake and for future generations. As she told Yahoo!, “Big picture, I know that by helping to amplify these businesses to success, and these Black and brown founders to success, that they will then go back into their communities and help to build generational wealth. That will help us to level the playing field.”

The platform's intended audience includes both Black and Brown consumers and allies of all colors who want to support inclusive beauty. “I’m looking forward to creating a unifying platform where everyone is welcome to come and discover and celebrate these incredible brands,” Grieco told Vogue. “…For me, it’s bigger than hair and skin care. It’s a movement.”

Thirteen Lune's inclusive platform is just an example of how brands and retailers are amplifying marginalized voices. For more, check out our full overview of Purpose-Led Business Practices.

Thirteen Lune