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Camp’s ‘White E-lephant’ Brings Consumers Together with Virtual Gifting

Camp's ‘White E-lephant' Brings Consumers Together with Virtual Gifting

Experiential store Camp's online gift exchange platform brings community, connection, and joy to socially distant holiday celebrations

For most shoppers this past year, the holiday season looked different than ever before. Traditional secret Santa and white elephant gift exchanges generally weren't an option for COVID-conscious consumers. To fill the hole left by in-person holiday gatherings, Camp‘s “White E-lephant” exchange platform creates a communal gift-giving experience centered on Camp's virtual shop.

To participate, consumers set up their “party” on the site and invite the exchange participants. Exchangers then purchase their gift from Camp's curated collection of 300+ White E-lephant options. On the day of the exchange, players are encouraged to video chat as they log on, flipping virtual cards to randomly select their present or “stealing” someone  else's. Once everyone's received their final gift, Camp mails the items to participants' homes, completing the exchange.

This White E-lephant platform is part of Camp's move to bring experiential shopping into the ecommerce space, using the online shop to offer not just convenience but also joy and discovery. PSFK researchers have featured this exchange as just one of the ways that brands and retailers are bringing social engagement to the digital marketplace. For more, check out the full research paper.