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Menswear Retailer’s ‘Clothing Advisors’ Curate Wardrobes with Individualized Selections

Menswear Retailer's ‘Clothing Advisors' Curate Wardrobes with Individualized Selections

Canadian menswear retailer Harry Rosen connects customers with "Clothing Advisors" to offer hyper-personal recommendations

As so much shopping moves online amid the pandemic, consumers are seeking ways to build trust and connection in the often impersonal ecommerce journey. Harry Rosen provides shoppers with individual advisors who will curate custom looks, bringing sales floor expertise to the virtual shopping experience.

“When my grandfather started the store, he had this premise that when you have an appointment with a client, you lay out everything they might want and some inspirational pictures on a table,” Ian Rosen, the company's executive vice president of digital and strategy, told Glossy. “…I went on a mission to digitize that: How do we get somebody to come to our website and not have to go to the search bar or the browse tab, but [instead] land on a page that’s specifically for them?””

Consumers can text their advisors directly through Harry Rosen's CRM, offering information about their needs and their taste.  Advisers can combine this information with their data about the client's previous purchases, creating custom product pages. With this highly personalized service, the retailer can build loyalty with consumers, forging a lasting client-adviser relationship.

Harry Rosen's Clothing Advisors are just one of the ways, highlighted by PSFK's research team, that businesses are guiding the selection process to personalize online retail.  For more, check out our full paper on Next-Gen Digital Commerce Experiences.

Harry Rosen