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This Made-to-Order Furniture Brand Aims for Fully Circular Commerce

This Made-to-Order Furniture Brand Aims for Fully Circular Commerce

Made-to-order furniture brand Model No. sells fully customizable pieces using 100% renewable materials

The online shop lets consumers design their own furniture, choosing from a range of materials, shapes, colors, sizes, and features, providing them with the opportunity to own personalized furniture that fits their taste and their budget. Items are made from sustainable materials including sustainably-sourced wood and 3-D-printed resins made out of organic material from unused food crops. Products ship directly from the Model No. studio in Oakland, California to arrive at customers’ doors within weeks.

“The traditional furniture industry needs a complete overhaul,” the site reads. “Items are mass produced with little original design or ability for you to customize. Pieces are constructed from materials that are not sustainable or eco-friendly…Model No. was created to solve these problems and reimagine how you can access sustainable artfully designed custom furnishings.”

This manufacturing model is especially relevant today, as in-person shopping decreases in response to Covid concerns. Brands are taking this opportunity to rethink their supply chains and experiment with made-to-order fulfillment. Made-to-order collections allow companies to optimize production costs, limit excess inventory, and commit to thoughtful, earth-friendly retail.

PSFK's researchers featured Model No. in our recent Future of Retail 2021 report. Click through for more ways that brands and retailers are rethinking their inventory with on-demand manufacturing.

Model No.