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WhatsApp ‘Carts’ Offer Single-Message Checkout for Instant Purchasing

WhatsApp ‘Carts' Offer Single-Message Checkout for Instant Purchasing

Secure mobile messaging app WhatsApp lets consumers complete online purchases with just one text message

WhatsApp‘s “Carts”  feature seamlessly integrates purchasing into consumers' mobile experience. Users can browse catalogs in-app through retailers' WhatsApp Business accounts, adding items to their cart. Shoppers can then purchase their items in a single text. 

“Carts are great when messaging businesses that typically sell multiple items at once, like a local restaurant or clothing store,” the WhatsApp company explains. “With carts, people can browse a catalog, select multiple products and send the order as one message to the business. This will make it simpler for businesses to keep track of order inquiries, manage requests from customers and close sales.”

The carts feature supplements the app's existing Catalogs feature, where businesses can upload products to their accounts for consumers to browse, ask questions about, and share with friends, offering small businesses the chance to reach a wider audience. Now, with Carts, these businesses can utilize consumers' familiarity and comfort with the app's interface to enable frictionless transactions.

PSFK's researchers showcase WhatsApp Carts as one of the techniques businesses are using to offer hyper-convenient purchasing in today's fast-paced digital marketplace. For more, check out our research paper, Next-Gen Digital Commerce Experiences.