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Yeti Customers can Visualize 50 Products IRL with Web-Based AR


Outdoor gear brand’s immersive 3D product experience allows customers to place more than 50 virtual products in real-world spaces

When consumers plan a major project or lifestyle change, it’s often difficult to imagine the final outcome. At the same time, their expectations for browsing, trial, and purchase are higher than ever, and brands are adjusting accordingly by meeting them with tools that provide inspiration and increase confidence. Brands are leveraging technologies such as AR/VR and photo-realistic 3D visualizations to help customers see how purchases might look within their existing lifestyle and home.

While shopping online for a cooler, Yeti customers are now able to accurately visualize how items will appear IRL through a web-based AR experience. Created in partnership with technology provider Vertebrae, the outdoor gear brand’s immersive 3D product experience allows customers to place more than 50 virtual products within physical spaces, like a car trunk or table top, to better gauge dimensions and see details in greater detail. Looking ahead, Yeti hopes to use the AR feature as an R&D tool by gaining insight into the colors customers are gravitating toward, to the features they’re interested in learning more about, and more. 

Yeti Product Page with AR feature


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