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LVMH Deploys Google AI Cloud To Assist Store Associates

LVMH Deploys Google AI Cloud To Assist Store Associates

French multinational corporation and luxury goods conglomerate LVMH is partnering with Google’s Google Cloud platform to empower the company’s individual luxury brands to create new, personalized customer experiences with the help of innovative cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions.

LVMH and Google joining forces to combine their assets, creativity, and technological capabilities will help assist LVMH’s Maisons, the term for the individual brands within the larger LVMH corporate structure, with fostering long term growth and best-in-class customer engagement practices. The partnership brings Google Cloud’s suite of cloud computing services, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to each of the LVMH maisons, improving business operations by enhancing demand forecasting and inventory management and optimization, as well as elevating each luxury brands’ customer experience by providing associates and brand leaders with greater ability to personalize the customer journey across store experiences. 

Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions will increasingly touch every part of the LVMH value chain, as the luxury conglomerate leverages the new technological tools across product development, global supply chain and logistic operations, and partner, employee, and customer interfaces; enabling the development of new business use cases at scale and ensuring the highest standards of customer service and assistance while additionally continuing to meet the strictest privacy and security requirements around the use of individual maisons’ data. 

Consumers are increasingly shopping with the expectation that the service stores and store employees meet them with will be personalized based on both the customers’ past interactions and current needs. In order to provide this prerequisite level of highly tailored service, companies and brands are more and more providing AI-powered dashboards and other modern, tech-enhanced solutions to their associates and service representatives in order to empower them with relevant information and contextual data like shopper history and current product deals and promotions, and stocking and inventory data in real-time and with minimal friction. 

This trend of using hybrid sales assistance to increase guidance and support along all stages of the customer journey, and in some cases even preempting certain stages of the customer journey, such as discovery, is what the LVMH and Google Cloud partnership hopes to take advantage of. LVMH will use Google Cloud to support the enhancement of its culture of innovation, creating dedicated and inclusive upskilling and certification programs for the Maisons’ teams. Both companies are together launching a Data and AI Academy in Paris in support of this, to accelerate their expertise in associate education and innovation. LVMH wil also deploy Google Cloud to modernize the company’s IT infrastructure and ensure that from top-to-bottom, the luxury conglomerate is taking a best-in-class approach to both internal and external operations. 


This article originally appeared in PSFK’s research paper, AI-Supported Conversational Commerce