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Arthur Provides Top Companies With Virtual Reality (VR) Office Spaces

Arthur Provides Top Companies With Virtual Reality (VR) Office Spaces

Enterprise VR office space provider Arthur creates fully immersive collaborative workplace environments for Fortune 500 companies using Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset.

Recently out of beta, the Berlin-based virtual reality company Arthur’s “Professional Edition” office space and collaboration VR platform enables organizations to meet, collaborate, and manage work remotely with its cutting edge technology and innovative digital environments. Beta tested by top institutions including PwC, the United Nations, and Société Générale, among others, Arthur’s remote work products provide enterprise customers with large-scale virtual offices for training, creative sessions, team meetings, and more, all boasting fully immersive collaborative environments with advanced features and tools like manipulatable 3D flowcharts, editable whiteboards, integrated live-video on virtual monitors and spatial audio with specialized “audio zones” that allow for private conversations. The Arthur VR platform also supports software integrations with major enterprise solutions like Google Drive, SharePoint, Jira and similar web and office productivity applications. 

Within Arthur’s virtual spaces, users appear and interact with each other as digital avatars of themselves. The digital avatars are fully customizable, and can be created from a user-uploaded photograph which is then mapped onto a virtual 3D model. Users can control their clothing style from the neck down, and actions like writing or drawing on a virtual blackboard are as straightforward and easy as they would be in the physical world. For users without Oculus headsets, the Arthur platform also offers users 2D support. 

Beyond collaborative team and organizational work, the Arthur platform also supports fully virtual conferences and events, providing flexible spaces for unique gatherings of up to 70 VR users; with the additional ability to host breakout sessions, one-on-one conversations and social networking opportunities in a uniquely immersive remote environment. All engagements taking place in Arthur virtual spaces are highly secure and protected by end-to-end encryption. 

The adoption of increasingly immersive and complex remote collaboration tools and working environments is part of a wider trend PSFK researchers have noted around hybrid work solutions. Virtual spaces that provide professional organizations with new opportunities for communication, employee engagement, and access to innovative tools around planning and information sharing needs are becoming an increasingly favored option due to the familiarity and increased interpersonal, even at times social, elements they provide internal and external teams. 


This article originally appeared in PSFK’s research paper, Strengthening Remote Social Connection