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InfoSum Connects Data Without Moving Or Sharing It

InfoSum Connects Data Without Moving Or Sharing It

London-based startup InfoSum's decentralized, neutral-data collaboration platform lets businesses leverage customer data assets without impinging on personal privacy as they do so.

Designed for the cookie-less future of the digital economy, InfoSum’s federated approach to third-party data enrichment uses a decentralized architecture deploying mathematical representations to read, query, and organize consumer information across multiple databases while simultaneously maintaining each bucket of raw data as a separate silo. InfoSum’s patented technology securely connects customer records between and amongst companies in such a way that the sensitive data being utilized is not moved or shared while still enabling advertisers, media owners, data providers, and other advertising technology firms to collaborate across multiple data sources, without rendering the underlying data vulnerable or exposing sensitive information. The collaborative ecosystem ensures consumer privacy while providing businesses with a powerful tool to leverage data assets to power better products and services.

Early adopters of InfoSum’s product include leading companies in data-driven, performance marketing, such as Merkle, MMA, and Experian. InfoSum’s growth has been stoked by companies that in the past were accustomed to, and built their business models around, access to rich caches of personal data as a result of industry-wide third-party data collection via technologies like tracking cookies enabled by somewhat lax data governance and poor institutional education around safety and security. InfoSum’s platform provides a new way to use data that is less messy and invasive while still delivering audience insights and metadata targeting tools to its clients, and digital security and personal privacy to their consumers. 

The decentralized, collaborative approach InfoSum’s platform provides to both personal privacy and data-driven audience insights is part of a trend PSFK researchers have noted around data sharing and accessibility, as organizations increasingly adopt privacy-enhancing data computation techniques. 

Other organizations that have signed on with InfoSum’s platform include AT&T, Disney, Omnicom, Ebay, CNN, and other global leaders within the Retail & CPG, Media & Advertising, Gaming, Financial Services, and Healthcare spaces The platform is compliant with all current privacy laws, including GDPR


This article originally appeared in PSFK’s research paper, Cultivating Trust Within The Digital Economy