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Happify Health Launches Ensemble, An AI-Based Mental Health Coach

Happify Health Launches Ensemble, An AI-Based Mental Health Coach

Global healthcare platform, Happify Health, creates the first digital treatment for depression and anxiety with its new prescription therapeutic solution, Ensemble

Designed as an adjunct to care for patients 22 years or older who have Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Happify Health's Ensemble solution provides neurobehavioral interventions based upon cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and positive psychology. The company believes this tech-first approach will be the key to health issues in the future, and quotes stats showing 30-40% of those needing treatment for these disorders like MDD and GAD do not receive it.

Ensemble must be prescribed by a clinician, and is accessible through patients' smartphones or computers. The credible health solution employs an AI coach, Anna, that has been trained by a team of clinicians, psychotherapists, content creators, writers, data scientists, and research psychologists to provide a tailored experience underpinned by “human” connection to increase patient engagement and keep them on track with their treatment plan as they undertake skills-based training and learn new habits to help take control of their anxiety and depression. The digital therapeutic tool includes a physician dashboard and measures patients' sequenced mental health improvement and treatment outcomes using clinically validated instruments.

Ensemble's 10-week program delivers video gaming principles and clinical multimedia content combined with artificial intelligence to help patients change their negative thinking patterns, learn to focus attention on things that can help advance their goals and feel good, and track their progress over time. By providing these connected wellness tools to help patients make changes in behavior that improve their physical and mental health, Ensemble and Happify Health hope to ultimately create long-lasting change in patients' state of mind, unlocking the freedom for them to live more fully in control of their habits and behaviors.

The AI-driven, digital therapeutic mental health solution is currently available in 10 languages and 150 countries, and Happify Health has partnered with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Azure to make its library of digital therapeutics available to employers and employees around the globe.

Using technology to track and transform users' mental health issues is part of a wider trend PSFK's research lab has been following around personal connected wellness solutions and smart management. A new generation of digitally connected devices, wearables, and software platforms are leveraging consumer data to create intelligent feedback loops and provide users with personalized treatments and recommendations for their physical and mental health, helping spread research-validated approaches to the general public.


 This article originally appeared in PSFK’s research paper, Connected Wellness Experience