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NBC’s Advertising Formats Blur Lines Between Campaign And Content

NBC's Advertising Formats Blur Lines Between Campaign And Content

Responding to shifting consumption habits, media and entertainment companies are developing innovative content formats for brands to advertise to shoppers. 

NBCUniversal (NBCU), one of the largest media and entertainment conglomerates, is introducing a suite of new advertising experiences powered by innovative and emergent technologies. The offerings range from new formats to augmented-reality shopping, and are geared toward producing content and marketing campaigns that don't “feel” like advertising and can allow brands to make more thoughtful, meaningful, and impactul connections with their target consumers. The new rollouts live within the company’s One Platform, and each add a unique layer of interactivity to the reimagined viewing experience, while creating new ways for marketing partners and advertisers to drive their business goals forward in engaging new ways. 

Compared to standard ad formats, viewers are less likely to change the channel when presented with an innovative ad experience, as well as being more likely to recall the product or brand being marketed. NBCU’s next-generation formats are able to integrate brands, messages, and celebrities into content using a mix of augmented reality, quick-production techniques, and geo-targeting; as well as let viewers choose which ad experience they wish to engage with. The new ad format offerings from NBCU include a personalization tool, Choose Your Destiny, an audience retention solution Stay In Show; an e-commerce initiative @HomeShopping; the rapid production tool Look Live and a featured talent solution Take:15. Rounding out the slate of new offerings is an interactive Scripted Commercial Launch which uses 2D and 3D technology to smooth the transition between programming and commercial breaks. 

NBCU is not the only company to experiment across its advertising formats and content marketing solutions. Discovery has also announced the launch of a suite of advertising formats and shoppable content designed to create extra engagement with viewers of its programming on its streaming platforms Discovery Plus and Discovery Go. Called Showcase Ads, the proprietary shoppable ad format from Discovery allows viewers to take action right from their TV screen and purchase the items that align with their show content. Another newly released ad format from the media and entertainment platform is Search-Light ads, which allows advertisers to match their messaging with show episodes featuring contextually relevant content and multi-word expressions, for example “ice cream,” or “beach trip,” while others reward binge viewing, or offer messages when programming is paused.

Mass media and entertainment company WarnerMedia is launching a new studio as well.  Called House of Max and powered by WarnerMedia’s ad sales department, the new studio will develop commercials and other advertising collateral and marketing materials for companies and brands that utilize characters and concepts from the WarnerMedia content library of shows and programs, such as Sex & the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. With all the recent new entries, it’s an exciting time for retailers and brands to explore the expansive content landscape and begin experimenting with the various buying and selling formats available for their campaigns. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK report, Content Marketing in a Socially-Driven Marketplace – a PSFK guide to help brands and retailers explore an expansive content landscape and begin experimenting with the various buying and selling formats across social media.