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Building High-Fidelity Metaverse Spaces with Mona

Building High-Fidelity Metaverse Spaces with Mona

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about brands and retailers buying virtual real estate. Samsung has replicated its 837 flagship store in Decentraland alongside Atari, which has created an arcade for visitors. While Adidas has purchased land in Sandbox and is diving deep with some big players in the world of NFTs. 

With all this buying and building going on, we thought we would wade into the conversation via an interview with Matt Hoerl, one of the co-founders of Mona a blockchain-based metaverse that focuses on providing builders with a high-fidelity toolset. Mona spaces are accessible by a web browser (nice for brands that don’t want users to have to download an app to visit their location) and the company is focused on providing metaverse builders with a premium toolset. 

Mona’s focus on toolsets, ease of use and fidelity seems to be paying off, as they have a significant number of builders being added to their pipeline daily. Hoerl says, ‘anyone that is using 3D tools like Gravity, Sketch, Maya, Cinema 4D and so forth can jump into Mona and start building quickly.' 

To further encourage builders to start creating in the metaverse, Mona has launched Renaissance, a digital competition aimed at designers, architects and artists focused on the creation of new worlds. The brief given by Mona is for participants to build around: spaces to gather, spaces to display and spaces to perform. The total prize pool for creators is north of $50,000 and all of the virtual worlds submitted to the competition can be minted and owned by the creator, whether they win or not.

Hear from Hoerl in the video below, as he:
– takes us on a tour of some of his favorite Mona spaces
– shows us how artists and builders are scanning items into their spaces
– showcases how hopping around the metaverse through URLs works
– and, talks about how Mona spaces can be minted as NFTs, allowing them to be bought and sold