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Knot Standard Creates Custom Clothes Through A Mobile App

Knot Standard Creates Custom Clothes Through A Mobile App

Custom clothing company Knot Standard’s AI-powered, on-demand platform is revolutionizing traditional retail. 

Knot Standard was founded to fill a void in the premium men’s custom clothing space. The two founders were inspired by their time as expats in Dubai, where bespoke clothing is readily available. Believing that the American consumer deserved the same level of attention, quality, and customization, they created Knot Standard to produce a menswear line where each article of clothing is custom-made for the shopper alone. Now the made-to-measure menswear company is taking its mission one step further by providing next-generation artificial intelligence-based, in-store custom fitting services to third-party retailers, in addition to expanding the reach of its own custom clothing.

The tech-driven Knot Standard Custom OnDemand platform offers any retail partner the ability to give their customers the custom clothing experience that Knot Standard has been perfecting since 2012. The iconic clothing retailer Brooks Brothers has signed up for the OnDemand service, and is now offering the Knot Standard platform in 21 of their retail stores to enable seamless ordering, measuring, and production for the Brooks Brothers line of shirts. Brooks Brothers plans to expand the custom clothing service to its suits, jackets, and pants offerings in the near-future. Other retailers signing up to offer the innovative custom service include Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, as the once-niche business of custom clothing becomes more feasible with technical advancements like zero inventory and AI-powered measuring driving economies of scale. 

Never before has custom-clothing been possible at scale or with attractive margins, without special employee training, inventory, or infrastructure. Knot Standard’s OnDemand platform is a first for retail. The company is focused on increasing its digital presence and rolling out a suite of new offerings in order to provide personalized service to customers outside the footprint of its ten American retail showrooms.  One recently launched offering is the Knot Standard digital measuring iPhone app, Fit, which uses artificial intelligence to identify custom size requirements. Customers submit two pictures, one of their front and the other of their side profile, which are then used to create a custom digital pattern built from the 41 measurements and posture details taken from the user-provided photos. The digital app also provides anywhere-anytime access to the Knot Standard team of “style advisors” who can work with customers remotely. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Radical Approaches to Product Manufacturing & Design.