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Samsung Galaxy Debuts New Products In The Metaverse

Samsung Galaxy Debuts New Products In The Metaverse

Samsung unpacks a new experience by virtually recreating New York City flagship store in Decentraland’s 3D virtual world.

Samsung 837, the South Korean tech company’s flagship experience center in Manhattan’s fashionable and retail-forward Meatpacking District, has added a new location – only this new shopping paradise is in the metaverse. Called Samsung 837X, the digital twin flagship is a fully immersive and explorable experience that features quests, NFT prizes, product drops, events and live performances for users, visitors, and Samsung fans. The Decentraland-Samsung brand experience is a blockchain-powered virtual space that consumers can connect to and explore simply by using their desktop browser. Decentraland, is a digital playground where members, after connecting their crypto wallets, are able to purchase plots of lands as NFTs. For access to full features, users get to design their avatars, including hairstyles, clothing, and accessories.

Once inside the world of Decentraland, users can buy and sell exclusive digital assets and explore the immersive experience using their personal avatar. The Samsung 837X digital twin store was designed explicitly to deliver metaverse-based interactions that fuse contemporary pop culture with Samsung’s distinct product and technological innovations. There are three worlds contained with Samsung 837X, each connecting thematically and experientially to the Samsung’s core initiatives and brand pillars of Sustainability, Customization, and Connectivity. Within each ever-evolving experience, visitors’ avatars can go on exciting quests, collect NFT wearables and other digital assets, or simply play around and have fun. 

Samsung recently used the 837X metaverse space as a satellite location for its Unpacked 2022 event, an annual reveal of the company’s latest and greatest products.During Unpacked 2022, Samsung unveiled the next generation of Galaxy S devices, including the first reveal of the Galaxy S22 phone and Galaxy Tab S8. The 360-degree immersive environment is the perfect store-as-stage for Samsung, and the company streamed the big Unpacked event on Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, as well as in the digital twin. 837X features a Connectivity Theater, which serves as a direct link to Samsung’s stage, relaying news and details from events regarding the company’s latest products. To attend Samsung’s event, consumers were able to sign up by either using their crypto wallet or simply logging in as a guest. After arriving at the event, attendees were able to also personalize their avatar with hairstyles, clothing and accessories, all of which could be purchased within the virtual flagship. Along with live product drops, Samsung’s metaverse hub also featured quests within its Sustainability Forest that led to exclusive NFTs, and a live mixed reality dance party on the Customization Stage. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Retail Strategies for the Metaverse.