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FOX’s Blockchain Creative Labs Launches Web3-Powered Animated Series

FOX’s Blockchain Creative Labs Launches Web3-Powered Animated Series

Dan Harmon, the creator behind hit shows Rick and Morty and Community, is producing an innovative animated series set to be curated entirely on the blockchain, called Krapopolis.

Scheduled to launch in 2022, although no specific date has been announced, the new show is an animated comedy that centers on a flawed family of humans, gods, and monsters set in a mythical ancient Greece as they try to run the titular city of Krapopolis “without killing each other.” Created in-house by FOX Entertainment, Krapopolis is the first series ordered through Fox’s broadcast direct model. The show is being animated by Bento Box Entertainment, and the production team features alumni of other successful animated series including Adventure Time, Drawn Together, and Bojack Horseman. What is most unique about the Krapopolis production model is that the series will be the first ever to be curated on the blockchain. 

Krapopolis will leverage web3 technologies to provide a dedicated marketplace for show-inspired digital goods, including NFTs of popular characters and background art, as well as exclusive tokens that reward super fans with social, community-oriented experiences. Superfans of the animated series will be able to develop their own NFT collectibles as the show progresses, merging fan art with official branded merchandise in an entirely new way. Because NFTs allow creators to collaborate with brands in a more mutually beneficial way, branded experiences like the ones Krapopolis is leveraging for a two-way exchange between artists and fans offer an attractive strategy for the future of community engagement. 

As an artist-first and advertiser-focused company, Fox is hoping to leverage the underlying blockchain technology of NFTs  to reward, engage, and interact with a new generation of fans, creators, and advertisers. Krapopolis is Fox’s first entry into the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs as a tool for series distribution and marketing, and the company hopes to use the series as an educational experience for advertisers, onboarding them into the world of NFTs and blockchain and showing them the unique set of benefits merging art and technology that web3 offers. 

Building branded merchandise opportunities for fans on the blockchain is just the start of what Fox hopes to do with its web3 entertainment studio, Blockchain Creative Labs. The wholly owned studio is at the forefront of the next generation of media experiences, on a mission to build the future of entertainment and create new marketplaces. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Smart Marketing With NFT Technology.