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Twitch’s Internal Guilds Give Its Employees A Voice

Twitch’s Internal Guilds Give Its Employees A Voice

The video live streaming service Twitch doesn’t just serve communities, it works as one too by building strong and diverse employee “guilds” where every team member has a voice. 

Popular streaming platform Twitch, responsible for the likes of xQcOW, Ninja, Gaules, Nickmercs, Shroud, and many more, leverages internal employee resource groups to help foster organizational community and belonging. By integrating diversity in every company process and aligning equity in every decision, the streaming service is able to build inclusion into its DNA and engage productively across a diverse set of consumer audiences. 

The internal guilds span a wide array of inclusive and diverse employee sets. The Twitch access ability guild, for example, provides a safe space for Twitch employees both with and without disabilities to feel safe in who they are, enabling them to build deeper connections with other employees as well as external communities During Autism Acceptance Month, the guild led a “Twitch Listens” series, and the employee group also promotes programming like Sign Language classes and more. 

The Twitch Asian Guild is a safe and inclusive space for the company’s Asian community, while the Women+ Guild provides an area for Twitch employees of all genders to discuss and advocate for issues related to gender in tech. By improving connection and engagement among like-minded individuals with shared values, Twitch is able to ensure that its employees are both seen and heard as individuals. 

The Black Guild at Twitch cultivates a community that both celebrates and empowers diverse employee voices and the perspectives of Black creators and viewers on the platform. Through the guild, Twitch engages with local communities through small-scale events in cities where Twitch operates, and by hosting larger initiatives like the company’s annual Black Creator Summit. 

Other employee guilds include the Twitch Parents Guild, which saves space for parents to advocate for issues related to being a parent in tech, helping employees navigate the challenges of balancing a family life with professional responsibilities; as well as a veterans guild which celebrates and empowers veteran voices and perspectives in the workplace, tech, and gaming communities. The company’s Rainbow Road Guild also serves as an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ employees and allies. 

By improving connection and providing opportunities for everyone, Twitch hopes to hold itself accountable to all the communities it serves and those its employees call their own,  as well as ensure a diverse range of perspectives are represented externally and within client campaigns


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Store As Home For Empowerment.