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Trends: Marketing to modern families, leveraging the outdoors, expanding your brand ecosystems

Trends: Marketing to modern families, leveraging the outdoors, expanding your brand ecosystems

Ideas around engaging a new generation of parents, driving visibility with outdoor activations, brands expanding into new product lines,

Each week the PSFK research team studies for the latest signs of cultural change and marketing, brand and CX innovation – and we pour these patterns into our weekly newsletters on Thursdays. This week we share clusters of ideas around engaging a new generation of parents, driving visibility with outdoor activations, brands expanding into new product lines, and a special event invitation from our friends over at the ecommece helpdesk Gorgias.

Marketing to Millennial Parents
Parenting is nothing new, but as a new generation of digital natives are entering the cohort they are influencing the general needs and expectations around parenting and family lifestyles. New research shows there is a growing demand from millennial parents for increased support, relevant content and product offerings, as well as a strong desire for access to third-party experts at all stages of parenting.

Walmart expands its in-store, online services for new & expectant parents
Together with Tot Squad, Walmart is giving parents and new families an innovative support platform dedicated to making everything from the first few weeks of parenthood to the first couple years a little easier. Walmart/Tot Squad

H&M targets ethically-minded parents with biodegradable baby clothes
H&M's innovative collection of fully compostable baby clothes offers a window into the retailer's broader strategy of appealing to the sensibilities of a new generation of young parents and their concerns. H&M Bio-Baby Clothes

Ally Bank builds a Minecraft world to teach kids and teens about money
As players explore the world, called Fintropolis, they learn through different experiences about the core components of a strong financial life including budgeting, building credit and managing debt, as well as the basics of investing. Ally Fintropolis

Read More: A PSFK Guide to Engaging Families
Discover 5 strategies to empower parents and families through support initiatives, including market statistics and insights into the changing consumer behaviors and expectations around parenting. Marketing to Millennial Parents Report

DTCX is back NEXT WEEK and our friends at Gorgias want you to come join us!

Ecommerce remains a considerable revenue engine, continuously growing at a fast pace. This has brought even greater competition, making it crucial for brands to stay on top of things. 

DTCX4 goes live on June 22 & 23 and will focus on helping you make the right moves to skyrocket your business in every area going forward. 

Join 100+ speakers from North America, EMEA and APAC, along with Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. These industry pioneers will be sharing actionable tips for ecommerce and customer experience. Brands who maintain a consumer-first approach know that it is the key to sustainable success.

What else you can expect:

Thanks to the support of ecommerce helpdesk Giorgias, DTCX4 is virtual and completely FREE to attend.
OOH What's That? 
Brands are meeting consumers where they are this summer: outside. Out of home activations are being deployed to build awareness and drive visibility of both brand and community offerings, showing that the legacy medium has still has legs – especially when consumers are outside using theirs. 
Hennessy and the NBA float a basketball court down the River Thames
The floating basketball court traveled down the iconic River Thames from Woolwich to the Houses of Parliament to celebrate the NBA’s 75th season and the 2022 NBA finals. A three-day temporary activation and part of Hennessy’s “Courts Beyond Limits” series, the floating court hosted a tournament called “London’s Got Game,” and was open to the public as well. Hennessy

Crypto companies turn to billboards to build brand legitimacy
Digiday covers how crypto billboards are showing up everywhere, as crypto companies and platforms utilize them to market to more mainstream audiences, legitimize new categories of products and services, and build trust and awareness of their brand. The majority of campaigns are in tech-saturated markets like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin and Nashville. Digiday

Art installation in Times Square asks visitors to sit and think 
A new art installation in NYC”s Times Square honoring late American playwright and civil rights leader Lorraine Hansberry is surrounded by five empty bronze chairs inviting passersby to come sit with her and think. The installation will continue on a nationwide tour concluding in Chicago, where it will be permanently installed. Lorraine Hansberry

Three London streets are now a permanent outdoor gallery
The Soho Photography Quarter is a new permanent cultural space just off Oxford Circus where Ramilies Street, Ramilies Place and Hill Place will be home to huge open-air exhibitions and projections highlighting the best of contemporary photography. The works on display will change every six months, and the initiative hopes to invigorate the Oxford Street area. Soho Photography Quarter

Product Extensions Go Further
Where does the line get drawn between launching stunt products as a marketing tool, and an organic expansion into new business lines? Across industries, top brands are finding that by growing their product assortment and ecosystem with new offerings, they can effectively engage with, support, and market to key audiences. 
Companion podcasts for TV shows are everywhere now
Companion podcasts to TV shows are becoming a widespread trend, offering more time with beloved characters and giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the shows they enjoy are made. The podcasts themselves are relatively simple to produce, and they’ve become powerful marketing and brand engagement tools for studios. The Verge
Swedish House Mafia designs a turntable for IKEA
IKEA is planning to launch a new record player as part of its forthcoming Obegränsad collection, which is slated for a Fall 2022 release. While popular IKEA products, like the Kallax shelves, have long been used to store records, this is the retailer’s first actual turntable release since 1973, and the Swedish giant tapped the aptly named Swedish House Mafia to help design the product. IKEA
China's national liquor, Moutai, is now available as an ice cream
Moutai is the most expensive type of baijiu, which is often referred to as China's “national spirit.” To win over younger fans, the brand is opening a “Moutai Ice Cream” store with three flavors: original, vanilla, and tiramisu. The ice cream technically contains alcohol, and the company recommends shoppers refrain from driving after eating. Nikkei Asia


SoulCycle to sell Sunday II Sunday hair care products
Sunday II Sunday’s core collection is designed to remove sweat buildup after workouts and protect hair in between washes, making it a perfect fit for the popular fitness studio SoulCycle. The products will be available for purchase on SoulCycle’s online store as well as in select physical locations. Press Release

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