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Retail Trend: Mission-Ship Retail Stores

Retail Trend: Mission-Ship Retail Stores

Retailers and brands have taken advantage of the pandemic-induced brick and mortar lull to refresh their flagships, innovating the experience of their store offerings to better support and engage shoppers while at the same time leveraging design elements to immerse shoppers in the brand’s own(ed) world and mission-based values.

Beyond just attracting shoppers, innovative store designs and experiential elements are allowing companies to showcase and leverage their unique brand identities, and to engage with consumers (and maybe educating their internal staff) in new ways across a variety of touch points, from product creation to point of sale. 

GAP opens new shoppable brand laboratories at its SF HQ
GAP Inc. is opening four new retail spaces at its San Francisco headquarters, designed to support retail innovation among the Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta brands. The stores, which are fully shoppable and will add a combined 18,000 square feet of retail space to the GAP HQ location, will also serve as labs to “test new store technologies, consumer experiences and product innovations,” and allow visitors to watch the retailer’s creative teams at work. GAP

Jonathan Adler flagship brings the Atelier Adler world under one roof
Home decor and design brand Jonathan Adler is opening a three-story hybrid space to serve as a retail flagship, creative studio, and meeting and office HQ space in downtown Manhattan, where the brand first began. The store features the complete Jonathan Adler product offering, plus includes various studios bringing customers closer to the behind-the-scenes of the brand. Elle

Ferragamo goes after younger audience with new Soho concept store
The Italian heritage brand Salvatore Ferragamo, known traditionally for its classic footwear and luxury apparel and accessories, is subverting its product range with a new store opening in New York and a sneaker drop focused on web3 and digital artists. The 2,600 square-foot concept store was conceived of as an innovative new retail experience and a creative hub. It features an immersive retail experience, including customizable holograms, an NFT booth, and more. Ferragamo

Ritual shows literal commitment to transparency with LA flagship
Home good and cosmetics company Ritual’s new shop on Los Angeles’ Abbot Kinney Boulevard is helping define how the brand will develop in the future. Developed in partnership with design firm Mythology, the store experience reflects Ritual’s values in its bright colors and transparent shelving, creating an inviting and easy-to-navigate environment for shoppers. SoCal Mag