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Statistics on Supporting New Customer Communities

Exciting new consumer trends research by leading retail and consumer think tank PSFK shows how organizations can meet their loyalty members and online customer communities with added value by adopting a community strategy to activate their branded communities, and ultimately drive ongoing business success by leveraging both technology and culture to meet business goals.

Looking across products, services and experiences, consumer choice, access, and customer care is constantly reaching a new pinnacle, creating an omniplatform and omnibrand shopper mindset. Across today’s expansive digital landscape, conversations around community–not just membership but active participation on behalf of loyal customers–is one strategy organizations are exploring as a means to not only stand out but earn long-term affinity, customer retention, and customer engagement. To build the type of community powered by customer relationships and customer success that goes beyond points systems and one-off discounted purchases, businesses are testing customer loyalty ideas and gathering customer feedback around how to better involve consumers in the decision making process, provide more dynamic rewards and create a more equitable value exchange between consumer and retailer.

The PSFK Quantitative US Membership & Community Survey shows:

  • Consumers see value in participating in loyalty programs but there’s an opportunity for brands/retailers to offer more beyond standardized offerings. 62% of US shoppers belong to at least four loyalty programs, suggesting there is strong interest in the space.
  • Consumers want more out of their memberships in terms of added value, and expect to be rewarded beyond their purchases. The majority of US shoppers (74%) agree or strongly agree that retailers should customize their loyalty program to reflect them as an individual. 
  • When asked to select typical features of the loyalty programs they belong to, 85% cited discounts and the ability to earn points. Meanwhile only 32% said early access to limited-edition goods, 22% receive personalized services or experiences, and 15% earn recognition/status within that retailer/brand community, pointing to an opportunity for retailers/brands to do more with their program offerings.
  • Additionally, the majority of US shoppers (71%) agree or strongly agree they should be rewarded for activities beyond making purchases such as sharing feedback or product reviews. 
  • Beyond membership, consumers want to feel ownership in their favorite brands and help contribute to their lasting success. 59% of US shoppers want to be able to influence the business strategies of the brands whose loyalty programs they belong to.

PSFK US Membership & Community Survey

The PSFK quantitative survey was conducted February, 2022. The survey was a ‘basic census’ balanced in terms of age and gender. The respondents had household income between $0-$200k.

For a copy of complete survey findings, contact:

For further insights on activating communities with added value engagements and web3, NFT and DAO tools and technologies, please refer to the full report from PSFK iQ Research: Now available to download.