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Statistics on what Gen Z expects from Top Brands and Retailers

Exciting new consumer trends research by leading retail think tank PSFK shows the innovative approaches being used by top brands and retailers to strategically engage and successfully activate Gen Z collaborators, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

Generation Z, the generation of consumers born between 1995 and 2014 has come of age during an unprecedented period of technological evolution, demographic shifts, and changing cultural norms, many of which they are leading. The first truly digitally native generation, Gen Z are used to moving seamlessly between the online and offline worlds, freely expressing themselves across platforms and in real-life interactions. This freedom allows them to view the world through a unique lens, making creativity and open-mindedness second nature and rendering old constructs and binary norms irrelevant.

The study of Gen Z Shoppers shows that:

  • Gen Z seeks out communities to share their passions and increasingly see brands as facilitators of these connections. 57% of the Gen Z audience surveyed by PSFK seek out like minded communities online who share their passions. And, they strongly identify with brands that are actively supporting communities. An overwhelming 71% of respondents indicate their preference for brands and retailers that not only optimize profit, but are also focused on community.
  • Communities create new opportunities for brands to collaborate with their fans and activate them as advocates and ambassadors. PSFK found that 49% of respondents indicated they are more interested in making purchases from brands that offer resources, mentoring and support for emerging creators and entrepreneurs.
  • Gen Z are also willing to rep those brands that support them as ambassadors. When asked by PSFK researchers, 47% of respondents indicated that they would act as a brand ambassador in exchange for increased status, perks and income, while 65% of consumers aged between 18 and 29 want to be able to influence the business strategies of their favorite retailers and brands where they have a loyalty program they belong to (versus 55% for adult users aged 30 and above).
  • Gen Z have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset and seek out opportunities to pursue their passions, taking destiny into their own hands. In fact, PSFK discovered that 50% of surveyed respondents aspire to be an entrepreneur or a creator.

PSFK Gen Z Consumer Survey, US, 2022

The PSFK quantitative survey was conducted March 18-19, 2022. The survey was a ‘basic census’ balanced in terms of age and gender. The 122 respondents had household income between $0-$200k.

For a copy of complete survey findings, contact:

A webinar covering the report findings, and how brands and retailers can engage Gen Z, can be viewed here