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Target Leverages Circle Program Data As Back-End For Media Strategy

Target Leverages Circle Program Data As Back-End For Media Strategy

Using loyalty-focused insights to supercharge in-house media solutions and drive greater personalization at scale by selling smarter to its own repeat shoppers is just one way Target is creating mutually beneficial solutions for both its customers and business partners. 

Despite being established just 3 years ago in 2019, Target counts more than 100 million members in its Target Circle loyalty program, one of the largest and fastest growing membership programs in the nation. By leveraging first-party insights about shoppers’ buying patterns and preferences, Target is able to create a closed-loop ecosystem of peak personalization for its in-house media agency, Roundel.

Target Circle is a critical component of Target’s personalization at scale strategy – including customized promotions, messaging and services to tailor towards each customer's various needs and life stages. The Roundel ​​retail media network helps brands build brand awareness and drive conversions with high-intent shoppers, with solutions that help organizations ​​reach shoppers in new ways using media both on and off Target properties. Paired together, the loyalty program and media network offer a valuable, innovative way for vendors to serve up messaging, promotions and advertising designed to meet specific Target guest segments, whether the shopper is a college student, a new mom or someone moving into their first home.

Target’s approach needs to be attuned to people’s different life stages, and by leveraging loyalty programs, memberships, surveys and product recommendation engines to collect big data in the form of feedback, insights and consumer preferences, retailers are able to reward their customers with what they want, when they need it. By developing in-house media networks, brands and retailers are furthermore positioning themselves as consumer data experts, creating opportunities for third-party partnerships and finding ways to better support their own customer audiences, providing specific reasons for shoppers to visit stores. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Retail as Media.