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Trend: Making Brand & Retail Touchpoints Smarter with Customer Data

Trend: Making Brand & Retail Touchpoints Smarter with Customer Data

New research shows how leading brands and retailers have been transforming their operations and strategies to include new channels, models, and experiences that integrate customer data to curate insights, enhance CX, and optimize operations.

As we progress further into industry 4.0, there is more data out there than ever before. Modern technologies are allowing companies to engage with consumers in more personalized and targeted ways while leveraging next-generation analytics tools to make smarter and faster decisions across both internal and external touchpoints.

McDonald's and IBM partner for hyper-personalized drive-thru experience
IBM is bringing an innovative suite of next-gen Automated Order Taking (AOT) technology to the McDonald’s drive-thru experience. Leveraging customer data to optimize the shopper experience, the new AOT recognizes customer license plates to serve up favorites and recommendations based on past orders. McDonald's

How local demand and AI powers Shein's groundbreaking growth engine
Shein’s AI engine can quickly pick up a change in demand or interest in new trends, and its supply chain can react accordingly in real-time, giving consumers more value and the brand much cheaper operating costs. Shein

Lowe's virtual product hub is a two-way product assortment solution 
The immersive and interactive digital product trial and recommendation program from Lowe’s doubles as both a tool for consumers, providing them with the ability to meet personal goals or complete a project, while simultaneously gathering insights into how Lowe’s can better meet its consumers’ needs with its product assortment. Lowe's

Learn More: Playbook For Smarter Brand Experience With Better Customer Data Today
This week's PSFK report provides 6 strategies for driving better, more personalized experiences for customers, while offering transparency and protecting consumer data. Integrating Customer Data Into Brand & Retail Experiences

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