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Trend: The Brand-Origin Story Adapts With Generational Change

Trend: The Brand-Origin Story Adapts With Generational Change

While the most iconic brand origin stories focus on the “why” behind how a company came to be, the way brands are being birthed today is very different from the way they found their footing in the 20th century. 

More than ever, consumers want to understand and align with a company’s purpose, values and identity – and today, it's a new generation of brand builders who are delivering to those needs. 

Athletes don’t sell merch anymore, they build fashion brands
From Tom Brady, to Russell Westbrook, the Williams sisters, Roger Federer, and Megan Rapinoe, high-profile athletes are launching their own fashion labels – and giving themselves full financial and creative control. Perhaps inspired by the success of the Jordan brand, athletes are creating full collections tied to their own creative direction and eschewing the more standard licensing deal for jerseys, shoes, and other merchandise. BoF

Rosé owns the summer, here’s how it became a lifestyle brand 
The NY Times covers how Joey Wölffer of Wölffer Estate wines has turned its “summer in a bottle” rosé into a symbol of the in-season Hamptons life. Wölffer is on pace to sell more than 100,000 cases of its rosé this year. In 2014, they sold under 2,000. The rapid growth comes from rebranding pink wine and rosé as, “a glass of liquid sunshine,” and as intrinsic to the Hamptons lifestyle as Provence-style dry rosé is to the St. Tropez lifestyle. NY Times

Sky High Farm Workwear represents the future of what brands could be
Sky High Farm Workwear (SHFWW) is a new clothing brand that exists solely to donate its profits to financially support Sky High Farm, a nonprofit organization and farming collective committed to supporting food sovereignty by donating 100% of all of its produce grown and livestock raised. The brand’s goal of supporting the associated farm, rather than making, say, its investors richer, raises the question: can a brand look and feel like a brand, while acting in an entirely new, different, and better way? SHFWW


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