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Jonathan Adler flagship brings his world under one roof

Jonathan Adler flagship brings his world under one roof

Jonathan Adler, the modern decor brand that does it all for your home, has created a new flagship space in Soho that can do it all, too. The store features the complete Jonathan Adler product offering, plus includes various studios bringing customers closer to the behind-the-scenes of the well-loved brand. 

Flagships and concept stores are being redesigned as multipurpose spaces, engaging consumers beyond commerce and layering a full range of lifestyle services and activities into their physical footprint. Created as gathering spaces, this new type of flagship allows retailers the ability to provide lifestyle programming that compliments their product or service offering, while creating additional connection points for consumers to experience their brand, adding richness and depth to the story of the shopper-brand relationship.

An example of this trend is home decor and design brand Jonathan Adler opening a three-story hybrid space to serve as a retail flagship, creative studio, and meeting and office HQ space in downtown Manhattan, where the brand first began. Adler himself began as a potter, and in 1993 Barneys bought his first collection of pots. Today, Jonathan Adler is a fully-fledged design company with retail locations worldwide, a strong e-commerce presence, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a global wholesale business all built around creating luxurious and livable interiors for clients and customers.  

A sense of community, and the experience of a “third place” outside of work or home, is a key motivating factor for consumers to visit brick-and-mortar retail locations. Experiential retail drives engagement, and brand narratives are important for inspiring repeat visits and creating stronger loyalty. In Jonathan Adler’s mixed use Soho flagship store, which is the company’s 11th store globally and 4th in New York City, customers can not only buy home decor products but also see them being made in the creative studio. The retail concept is powered by the idea of bringing shoppers into the brand’s identity from “creation to commerce” all under one chic roof, brimming with playful pottery, furniture, bedding, candles and more. Purposefully located mere blocks from where Adler’s first ever NYC pottery studio was once located, the building is a dream come true for the man behind the brand, and acts in some ways as both a love letter to his customers and the city that gave him his career. 


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