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McDonald’s takes brand fans to an in-app “summer camp”

McDonald’s takes brand fans to an in-app “summer camp”

The iconic fast food chain is inspiring greater loyalty and building richer connections by offering its fans access to a special “Camp McDonald’s” experience this summer, only available through the McDonald’s App.

Most mobile phone users know the drill: you open your lock screen and your thumb seems to move of its own accord to one of maybe five most frequently used apps –  be it email, messaging, streaming, or social media. Well, McDonald’s is hoping to win some points in the great app “thumb wars” with its special summer “getaway” made up of  27 consecutive days of food deals, menu hacks, musical performances and limited-edition merch drops. The activation, which wraps up July 31st, is accessible through the restaurant chain’s mobile app and requires a minimum of a $1.00 in-app purchase to participate. 

Companies more broadly, and across industries, are turning to immersive activations to reward and engage their audiences in virtual spaces. Whether across social experiences, digital item drops, or even playable versions of IP and assets, retailers and brands are increasingly both meeting and growing their audiences where they already are: in-app and online. 

On Thursdays throughout July, Camp McDonald’s focus will be on merchandise releases, including collaborations with Free & Easy, Ma®ket, innisfree and Kid Cudi. Sundays will be dedicated to virtual in-app performances featuring artists like Kid Cudi and blackbear, while the days in between will offer a selection of free, special, and discounted menu items. While it got off to a bumpy start, Camp McDonald’s is set to last longer than other events retailers run. The virtual experience is designed to draw traffic during the slow summer months and glean customer information through in-app behavior to build greater connections and drive loyalty, all while winning attention and spend. 


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