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MG ventures into metaverse to create multiple experience centers

MG ventures into metaverse to create multiple experience centers

Iconic British auto brand MG is using the metaverse to connect with Gen Alpha audiences by providing a digitally native update to the age-old experience of playing with cars and building models. 

The yet-to-be-launched virtual world experience, dubbed the “MGVerse,” will provide an immersive experience for fans of all ages. The classic car brand, known for its roadsters, is hoping to strengthen its relationship with younger generations, primarily Gen Z and Generation Alpha, through the virtual initiative. The MGVerse will also provide a place for the brand’s customers, partners, and employees to meet, gather, engage, and collaborate. 

There are five key components to the virtual world, each tied to a different experience. The activations are designed to help MG be future-ready, and make sure that the brand is where its customers are going to be spending a large part of their time, not just now but in the future too. The Explore And Creator’s Center will let brand fans take virtual test drives of MG cars across fantastical cities and streets as well as real-world digital twins. Users will have the ability to build out their own custom MG vehicle to use in the metaverse, with exclusive personalization and accessorizing tools. It will take the “model-building” experience to a whole new virtual level, with no need for superglue.  

In the NFT Gallery, MG Verse visitors will be able to create and mint their own MG-centric NFTs as well as view premium car NFTs created by the brand on display. There will also be a special, exclusive-access MG Car Club (MGCC) experience within the automaker’s metaverse, available to MG patrons and stakeholders. The MGCC will incorporate off-line events and activities for members to meet and socialize with each other IRL. The MG Verse will also contain a gaming arena, which will tie to MG’s racing history and allow users to race MG vehicles against each other on classic courses, and more. There will also be both mini-games and larger-scale gaming universes under development to attract and engage younger audiences

Rounding out the metaverse experience is the MG Knowledge Center, where users as well as MG employees can attend digital conferences and seminars to learn more about the brand and its storied history, or take classes on car maintenance and gain other useful and relevant skills. 

MG is being smart and strategic by staking a claim to the metaverse space this early on. Digitally native to a degree never-before seen, brands and retailers can win greater loyalty and drive stronger engagement by appealing to Gen Alpha’s connected world through personalized, authentic experiences that are integrated seamlessly into daily life, both online and off. Collaborating on tomorrow’s virtual, gaming, and metaverse societies, as well as creating metaverse-centric experiences IRL, are two ways brands can strategically create long-lasting, supportive, and respectful relationships with this emergent generational cohort. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ Report, Connecting with Gen Alpha.