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Alexa-supported books let kids talk to the characters

Alexa-supported books let kids talk to the characters

Readyland’s line of hyper-innovative, printed children’s books use Amazon Alexa’s smart voice assistant technology to create a magically immersive reading experience with book characters that can talk back to and engage the child reading. 

Gen Alphas’ relationship with technology, digital-led services and other platforms are shaping the new educational landscape. With the engagement of this generation, learning becomes collaborative, shared, and most importantly, entertaining. Brands wanting to reach Generation Alpha are capitalizing on creative education styles that both engage kids in creative, flexible and interactive learning forms and support parents and schools with new resources. Creative education is vital in terms of Alphas’ early behavior, especially with the increased prevalence of home-schooling and remote education.

That’s why Readyland wants to make reading even more of a magical experience and create a “screen-free, summer boredom buster” for kids. Readyland’s printed books are integrated with smart speakers and voice assistant technology powered by Alexa. The books are highly interactive, and allow the kids to talk to the characters, play games, choose songs, and involve themselves more fully into the story. The characters themselves are even able to talk back, using the AI-smart tech to respond to the reader’s voice. The innovative approach to reading creates a new, unique experience every time a kid opens a Readyland book, helping to activate their imagination and ideally inspire a lifelong love of reading. 

The Alexa Interactive Book experience reinvents the traditional, printed book occasion by offering a new reading experience every time a child opens their book. The interactive and intuitive reading journey empowers kids to explore books in new ways, through engaging in dialogues with characters and participating in interactive games revealed each time they turn a page, giving kids more control over their experience with hundreds of recorded phrases in each book. For example, in Readyland’s just-released edition of Jack and the Beanstalk, the magic spell the reader creates early on in the book will change the story outcome on later pages. 

Bursting with surprises, sound effects, songs, and other features to engage young readers and take their attention away from screens and into books, the Readyland product line is designed explicitly for educating and delighting children. Readyland books make reading more fun, encouraging children to read, listen and respond, while supporting the development of their language and comprehension skills. Books available for parents and children now include Jack and the Beanstalk, A Playdate with Rosie and Ricky, and Three Little Pigs: A Readyland Fairytale, all available for purchase on Amazon for $14.99 each.


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ Report, Connecting with Gen Alpha.