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Retail Trend: AI Drives Personalization Along The Shopper Journey

Retail Trend: AI Drives Personalization Along The Shopper Journey

The role of AI continues to evolve, providing consumer-facing value as top companies integrate and leverage their native data to deliver more personalized experiences and next-gen, intelligence-supported shopping journeys.

Algorithms are improving the individualized attention a consumer wants, needs, and expects from their favorite retailers, while increasingly playing a role in product development and back-end operations. 

Delta soft-launches personalized flight information boards 
Delta is using displays from Parallel Reality to provide its passengers with personalized wayfinding information. Piloted recently at the Detroit Metro Airport, Parallel Reality displays use millions of light rays paired with facial recognition technology to direct on-screen information to specific people. The 21 ft. x 6 ft digital board used during the next-gen tech’s pilot is capable of simultaneously displaying the travel itinerary for up to 100 unique passengers, who all see something different when looking at the same sign. Delta

Unilever is using AI to advance skin-care solutions for its brands 
For the past decade and a half, Unilever has been researching the skin’s microbiome – a complex ecosystem of microorganisms that reside across the surface of the skin and communicate between bacteria, skin cells, and immune cells to support the skin’s protective barrier. The belief is that by understanding the microbiome, skin concerns like acne, eczema, and certain allergies can be solved. In collecting a deep library of microbiome data from a wide swathe of geographical populations, Unilever hopes to leverage AI to sort the data and devise personalized skincare solutions for its brands including Dove, Vaseline, Murad and Tatcha. Glossy

H&M and Google Cloud team up for front-to-back AI solutions
To battle its supply chain troubles and smooth out friction points across H&M’s global business, the Swedish retailer is partnering with Google Cloud for an extensive dashboard of data analytics and AI-powered capabilities that will further enhance its customer experience and supply chain enablement. Leveraging AI for both “front and back of house” will let the company provide a more personalized experience with better recommendations and tailored inventory management, as well as support AR tools and demand prediction. Press Release