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Retail Trend: Creators Are Missing Piece To Social Shopping Puzzle

Retail Trend: Creators Are Missing Piece To Social Shopping Puzzle

The ascension of influencers, creators, and designers with increasingly loyal audiences is revolutionizing retail engagement and product discovery.

And turning young shoppers’ go-to social media and commerce platforms and apps into springboards for independent success. Top talent has taken on an outsize importance in closing the gap between scrolling and shopping, reinventing the way retailers are able to engage with their customers, inspire loyalty, and drive purchases. Now, those same individuals and creators are striking off on their own in search of creative independence, at times even leaving the platforms that inspired their original success.

DoorDash invests in delivery team as content creators
Delivery drivers who stream their daily routes on their social channels are becoming stars in their own right, often gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers and racking up even greater view counts. Several of the more popular delivery creators have become full time influencers and are now able to live off of their content. InPut

Social commerce influencers take lessons learned to start their own stand-alone stores
The NY Times reports on how influencers are leaving big social shopping platforms like Depop to create their own online stores and fully-independent brands, and then promoting these stores using the tools they learned before. NY Times

In Asia, no one is ever too old to pitch a product 
While in the US influencers like Kardashians are complaining about the impact of Instagram’s format change, in Thailand users are looking to learn from a new generation of influencers: their elders. The Guardian


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