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Smart App Pretzel Facilitates Purchases & Returns

Smart App Pretzel Facilitates Purchases & Returns

Pretzel is an online shopping assistant designed explicitly for best-in-class post-purchase experiences, working on behalf of shoppers to fill needs and keep track of everything from item sizes to return windows, all in one platform. 

With more entryways into the shopping experience via next-gen channels, paired with rising consumer expectations around service and personalization, retailers must aim to optimize everything. Consumers are increasingly seeking personalized assistance to fulfill in-the-moment tasks and specific needs. Digital shopping assistants, mobile and desktop browser extensions and AI-enabled personal shopping services are proliferating by simplifying the customer’s journey and eliminating the need to use multiple apps and websites. 

Smart shopping app Pretzel is an innovative new solution that eliminates the need for multiple tabs, carts and checkout experiences. Shoppers using Pretzel’s mobile app can connect their accounts with major retailers like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and many more all in one place.  save items to wish lists, and easily checkout. After using the “Save to Pretzel” feature when browsing on the Internet, customers can easily add items to their secure Pretzel account from anywhere. 

Post purchase, the app intelligently monitors return windows for each item purchased, automatically sending alerts for anything that is approaching the end of its return window to make sure that users don’t forget to return unloved items to retailers. Users can mark items that have already been returned, items they intend to keep, and even select certain items to receive a special alert 48 hours before the return window closes.The ecommerce aid also automatically builds collections of shoppers’ online purchases and wishlist items, keeping track of them with a dating-app-style swipe through feature. This means there’s no need to hold onto receipts, or search through email folders for often-deleted hints of past purchases. Users can text in-app links to family members or friends to share items and gift ideas, and Pretzel will keep track of friends’ and family members’ sizes and item preferences, so that there is no last minute scramble trying to find out what size a fast-growing niece, nephew, or young cousin are each new holiday or birthday season. 

Pretzel was built explicitly for shoppers, rather than most solutions which target their offerings to retailers and online stores. What this means, is that Pretzel was built to save shoppers money, time, and help them get the most use out of their shopping experience – it wasn’t built simply to drive repeat transactions and get shoppers purchasing again. Still, it is revolutionizing the online shopping experience, and is part of a broader trend of retailers leveraging new technology and models to speak, listen, and market to consumers in more personalized ways than ever.


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Retail Transformation Through Innovation.