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Trend: Content Strategy Refocuses On Customer Retention

Trend: Content Strategy Refocuses On Customer Retention

Attention needs an anchor, especially when content circulating “solely for the purpose of circulating" is swirling unavoidably everywhere. As the world of content becomes further atomized into snackable and increasingly siloed formats, the emphasis on content marketing is switching from reaching consumers to retaining them.

Consistency, authenticity, and relatability are all ways to stand out, and these brand attributes can be showcased across a variety of channel-supported-formats. As always, surprising and delighting audiences’ hearts and minds requires nuance, depth, and a sensitivity to the zeitgeist that feels personal for multiple audiences. Approaches to content that integrate these strategies across their native formats are sure to both find and be found by their audiences. 

Humor as a brand strategy
Serious brands are dead brands, and Ana Andjelic covers how the most aesthetically distinguished and contemporarily alive brands all deploy a content strategy that walks the line between camp and sophistication, art and kitsch, wittiness and simplicity to inspire long-lasting affection and loyalty. Read More

Gen Z still wants long-form content
Despite Gen Z’s widely reported-on love of short video content, brands are finding that longer-form stories and the platforms that support them offer a key way to connect with and inspire younger audiences. Glossy

Filling it out with how consumers feel
Dazed writes about the “Paragraph Girlie,” unpacking the consumer desire to create enough space to reflect, speak their mind, and untangle complicated knots of thought via anti-bite sized forms of expression. Dazed Digital

When content first is really “content worst”
The CX design of “smart TV” platforms is turning out to be anything but smart. Instead of giving consumers easy access to their favorite shows, the content-forward journey fails to simplify search and discovery. Personalized content recommendations create headaches by making users jump from one app to another and often trapping them in illogical loops. Read More


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