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Trend: Engaging Gen-A To Design The Future of Experience

Trend: Engaging Gen-A To Design The Future of Experience

New PSFK iQ research shows how, informed by the control and convenience of a digital- first mindset, Gen A is helping to co-create worlds online and offline today that help us understand the future of how companies can engage with this cohort. 

Gen Alpha's lifelong digital immersion  –  think streaming, online learning, gaming – is already forming their expectations of brand and retailer experiences. By providing fans, customers, and players with opportunities for play, collaboration, socialization and education, leading brands and retailers are directly tying consumers’ contributions, input and preferences to the final output of these immersive experiences. 

Snapchat and Disney collaborate on AR family mural
Snapchat and Disney are turning up the magic at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Park with an innovative digital mural celebrating the venue’s 50th anniversary that lets visitors “pin” their family pictures to the park’s iconic Cinderella Castle using augmented reality. Cinderella Castle AR Mural 

MG lets kids play with virtual cars in new metaverse
Iconic British auto brand MG is using the metaverse to connect with Gen Alpha audiences by providing a digitally native update to the age-old experience of playing with cars and building models. MG Verse

Spotify's community-centered virtual world puts kids in control
Spotify Island, a branded plot of virtual land on popular gaming platform Roblox, allows younger music fans to interact with the music streaming platform in a whole new way, moving beyond just a typical artist-broadcast-to-fan experience to make the players the creators. Spotify Roblox Island

Get Smarter: Co-Creating Business and Culture With Gen Alpha
Part two of research in PSFK’s latest iQ report on Connecting With Generation Alpha optimistically unpacks the opportunities for industry leaders to explore as they attempt to stay in-step with Gen Alpha’s unique needs and characteristics. PSFK report on retailing in-step with Gen Alpha

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