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Trend: How Brands Are Leveraging Consumers’ Bioinformation

Trend: How Brands Are Leveraging Consumers' Bioinformation

Identity solutions are helping overcome the challenges of personalized marketing by fast-tracking intimate brand-consumer relationships tied to biodata.

In leveraging these unique insights across both product development and recommendation processes, brands are able to take an increasingly nuanced, productive, and proactive approach to consumer engagement.

Genesis' new EV gives owners keyless, biometric access
To start the 2023 Genesis GV60 there’s no need for a key fob, no bluetooth or NFC. Instead, the car makes its owner’s own body the key by leveraging biometric facial and fingerprint recognition technology to lock, unlock, and start the car. Driver and passenger biometric profiles also link to an uber-personalized infotainment system as well as seating positions. Genesis

La Mer hones in on the microbiome with new Derm Collective
The skincare brand’s upcoming Derm Collective, a select group of dermatologists working with the brand on product development and available to its consumers for recommendations, will help drive personalized conversations around skin barrier integrity by scientifically integrating consumer bio-information into product and skincare recommendations. La Mer

Biometric data is going to revolutionize marketing 
Two-thirds of marketing professionals expect to see greater use of biometric data to access, personalize or secure data and services by the end of this decade. Marketing Dive covers the opportunities and implications of leveraging customer bio data. Marketing Dive

Smart ring from Ultrahuman lets wearers “hack” their metabolism
A fitness startup’s new wearable device gives users an impressively deep suite of metabolic biomarkers by monitoring sleep, movement, and more so they can understand how certain lifestyle elements and choices impact their health, and adapt accordingly based on their own body's data. When paired with Ultrahuman’s M1 glucose monitoring patch, the smart ring allows for even more in-depth biodata tracking and holistic insights. Ultrahuman

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