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Trend: Staying In-Step With Gen Alpha

Trend: Staying In-Step With Gen Alpha

Generation Alpha already has a strong digital presence, a nascent brand awareness, and holds a growing command over their families' purchasing decisions.

New research from the PSFK iQ team explores what shapes Generation Alpha today, and highlights the consumer shifts in the market retailers can expect as this exciting generation reaches its maturity. The researchers found that by appealing to younger generations’s connected worlds with personalized, authentic experiences integrated seamlessly into daily life, brands can create long-lasting, supportive, and respectful relationships with this unique cohort. 

Publisher's Alexa-supported books let kids talk to the characters
Readyland’s line of hyper-innovative, printed children’s books use Amazon Alexa’s smart voice assistant technology to create a magically immersive reading experience with book characters that can talk back to and engage the child reading. Readyland and Alexa

Forever 21 and Barbie team up for kid-centric experiences 
Fashion retailer Forever 21 and Mattel’s iconic Barbie toy brand are collaborating on the “Barbie Summer 2022 Collection,” a limited edition clothing collection and accompanying in-store, online, and metaverse-based experience meant to engage generation alpha across multiple platforms by meeting them where they already are. Barbie Summer 2022 Collection

New LEGO campaign encourages kids to express their emotions 
LEGO's Build Big Feelings campaign is designed to help gen alpha develop their vocabulary and share feelings with each other, and their families. By positioning its iconic toy bricks as part of creative, education-driven experiences, LEGO hopes to support both parents and their children. LEGO Build Big Feelings

Learn More: PSFK's guide to Staying In-Step With Gen Alpha
A new paper by retail's most progressive strategy consultancy, PSFK, identifies the critical strategies for brands, advertisers and retailers to consider as they responsibly engage with Gen Alpha. How, What, Where & When To Engage With Generation Alpha


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