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Contextual Shopping Platform LTK Matches Brands With Best-Fit Influencers

Contextual Shopping Platform LTK Matches Brands With Best-Fit Influencers

Industry pioneer LTK works with brands and retailers to leverage and promote paired-value occasions across its innovative influencer-first flagship digital storefront. 

To move quickly in a dynamic and evolving market, brands are increasingly leaning on best-fit creators to promote their products to engaged consumer audiences. The future of influencer marketing has to be built upon the notion of content creation, and the framework and impetus for that content will continue to be defined by the platform(s) it is shared on, as well as the audience it is geared towards. Influencer storefront LTK, formerly LikeToKnowIt, allows select content creators like influencers, bloggers, and vloggers to post shoppable photos and videos where users can “shop the pic” by selecting the individual products in each post. An original pioneer of the creator marketing industry, LTK believes in the selling power of creators to create an easier, better and more humanized shopping experience for consumers. 

The company draws upon more than a decade of proprietary data-rich learnings across the evolution of the creator economy marketplace  to help its partner brands improve their influencer marketing ROI and grow sales, while simultaneously providing its consumer base and user audience with the best-fit content and experience they’ve come to expect. LTK’s proprietary creator management dashboard and robust historical benchmarking insights help brands find the right creators to promote their products, ensuring each creator-brand relationship is aligned with long-term success goals. By leveraging creators, brands are reducing production time and cost and giving consumers what they want: access to top products and an overall easier way to shop. LTK is also helping brands of all sizes, including rising direct-to-consumer brands, who want to meaningfully engage with creators with its new LTK Connect self-serve platform, investing $1M in visionary brands to accelerate their growth on the platform.

A recent engagement with British skincare brand ELEMIS highlights how the LTK shopping platform and its creator solutions can empower brands to better build loyal communities and drive sales with authentic influencer activations. It was a common business case, with uncommon results. ELEMIS came to LTK hoping to establish a more consistent influencer strategy and a brand-ambassador program. During the two-month campaign, LTK helped ELEMIS identify top creators, like Chloe Rose, to promote the skincare brand along with engaging creators who posted about the brand’s products organically, and LTK even engaged influencers who promoted ELEMIS competitors. The campaign reached 2.8 million people, with content on YouTube having a 25% engagement rate and 1.9 million Instagram Story impressions. The campaign also helped ELEMIS achieve 29% growth in revenue YoY and a return on ad spend of 140%, with 76% of those who used the influencer’s unique promotional codes being new customers.

Since the campaign, ELEMIS has engaged LTK for three new campaigns, replicating the same successful strategy to establish an always-on influencer approach that has strengthened the brand’s authentic relationships with influencers and shoppers.

Rodney Mason, Head Of Marketing and Brand Partnerships at LTK, sees inflation and product shortages changing retailers' and brands’ strategies to be more agile in how they engage consumers, as shoppers turn to trusted sources like creators to save time and money. “Video content is helping creators and brands bring products and stories to life in a more engaging and entertaining way and will continue to be the primary content format moving forward,” Rodney told PSFK. Shoppable lifestyle posts are empowering consumers to shop across all product categories and are driving higher engagement by placing creators’ lifestyle choices front and center for consumers.


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, The Influencer Marketing Landscape.