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Retail Trend: Building Loyalty With Service, Craft, And A Promise

Retail Trend: Building Loyalty With Service, Craft, And A Promise

By approaching the brand-consumer dynamic through a shared value lens and introducing integrated responsibility standards beyond just one-of purchases, companies are able to reimagine not just their products but also their relationship with customers, inspiring loyalty through longevity.

The true test of luxury is what happens on the back end. And the best brands do service, repairs, and customer service impeccably, deepening customers' appreciation and emotional connection to their brand. By essentially providing consumers with additional value with their purchases and saying “if you buy into our brand and worldview, we will take care of you,”  retailers stand to engender goodwill and strengthen their bonds with existing customers, while helping attract new ones. 

Hermès knows customer retention depends on product lifespan 
Hermès has a legendary reputation for repairs to their products, especially leather goods, and receives around 100,000 “intervention” (repair) requests each year, all handled by local workshops and the brand’s artisan-repairers, who work closely with the brand’s after-sales department. Hermès

Ralph Lauren elevates personalized gifting experience
Ralph Lauren created one of the first branded Instagram chatbots to provide its customers with a more immersive and personalized method of picking the perfect gift by matching interests with compatible products and building a stronger bond between the brand identity of Ralph Lauren, the digital assistant, and the customer. Read More 

Tailored menswear is bringing personalization back to luxury fashion
Luxury menswear brands are finding a refreshed distinction by moving beyond the hyper-prevalent streetwear ethos and onto tailoring and bespoke personalization, highlighting the construction, material, fit, and care that goes into each item. Glossy

Winning over China’s digitally-native youth with real-life luxury experiences
Luxury retailers are targeting Gen Z customers in China with attainable, early touchpoint activations that build strong goodwill over time while being inherently social media-shareable. By leveraging brand education vs. immediate sales, and by associating their brands with secondary, more affordable activities, luxury companies are laying a groundwork of positive sentiment that can motivate a purchase at a later date. Read More

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