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Retail Trend: Investing In Impact to Signal to your Target Market

Retail Trend: Investing In Impact to Signal to your Target Market

Companies face increased competition for consumer loyalty in today's hyper-connected, hyper-accessible landscape.

Consumer education on organizational initiatives is a big part of the puzzle, and leading companies are moving forward by reimagining their manufacturing and design processes around key tenets like sustainability, giving consumers greater confidence in the impact of their purchase decisions and not only driving repeat sales but reducing operational and environmental costs. 

Pandora’s jewelry collection uses 100% lab-made and recycled materials
Pandora is launching a lab-created jewelry collection this week that uses recycled gold and silver and was created using renewable energy. The 33-piece Brilliance Collection comes following news that the retailer will stop using mined diamonds. Press Release

Beauty brands commit to regenerative agriculture as next frontier
Recognizing that soil holds the key to many climate solutions, beauty brands are starting to embrace alternative methods in their product production and sourcing methods. Regenerative methods are often rooted in history and lean on indiginous knowledge while supporting local farming communities. Dazed

The fashion industry is a surprise player in getting reforestation right
Reforestation and tree planting projects are hugely popular carbon footprint offset programs in the fashion industry. The increasing engagement by fashion retailers and brands in holistic ecosystem projects that focus on biodiversity improvement in areas affected by deforestation and wildfires is showing great promise for a greener future. Glossy

Ralph Lauren turns tennis ball cans into fabric for US Open collection
Building on its long history of designing for the US Open tennis tournament, Ralph Lauren is using recycled plastic from last year’s tournament to create the fabric for this year’s collection of 90 pieces designed for umpires, ball teams, and spectators. InPut


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