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Retail Trends: Next-Gen Checkout Solutions Ring Up CX Shifts

Retail Trends: Next-Gen Checkout Solutions Ring Up CX Shifts

The automated and contactless processes adopted by retailers during the pandemic for health and safety reasons are proving that they, or at least their next-gen technology, have staying power and may have even driven a permanent behavioral shift among shoppers, who now expect a certain level of "on-my-own-time convenience" when completing purchases in-store or online.

Retailers are leaning into this shift and rolling out cashierless and checkout-free self-service tools, technologies, and applications across their store locations to integrate convenience and drive sales around a wide variety of products and services

QuikTrip pilots high-tech, cashierless and checkout-free store 
QuickTrip, one of the nation’s largest convenience retailers with over 950 stores across 16 states, is opening a next generation, non-gas storefront featuring Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” checkout-free technology platform. Customers will be able to insert their credit card at the store’s entry gate, shop like normal, and then simply leave. QuikTrip

Walmart trials futuristic checkout station 
The retail giant this week brought their Next Generation Checkout Station to a full front-end for the first time. The checkout station will be rolled out over the next few weeks to more stores as part of a pilot while Walmart iterates and optimizes the self-checkout process and experience. Walmart

Whole Foods adds biometric payment tech to 60+ stores in California
Amazon One, the biometric palm recognition and payment service from Amazon, is expanding to 65 Whole Foods locations across California in a broad rollout of the new technology. Amazon One devices allow customers to link their palm to their debit or credit cards, so when shopping is complete, the checkout process involves simply hovering their hand over an Amazon One device. SuperMarket News

Kohl’s expands self-pickup solution to all 1,100 stores 
Kohl’s is aiming to create a streamlined omnichannel shopping experience with a just announced, nationwide rollout of its self-pickup service. Customers will be able to pick up their online orders in under two hours across every one of the retailer’s 1,100 store locations. Kohl’s


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