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Retail Trend: Online Brands Are Coming To Main Street

Retail Trend: Online Brands Are Coming To Main Street

In order to outperform, it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd. To differentiate themselves from their online peers, ecommerce players are now turning to physical retail to make waves and bringing with them their own bag of tricks picked up in the aether.

Digital fashion label Cult & Rain goes IRL with immersive retail store
The web3 fashion brand is opening an immersive physical retail experience and space in Outernet London. Called CULTR World, the retail space features entertainment, 4D interactive wall-to-wall screens and various digital world integrations like live DJ streams and dancing virtual avatars. It is designed to reflect the feeling of being in the metaverse. CULTR World

Solana opens a brick-and-mortar “web3 retail embassy” in New York City
The new Solana storefront will operate as a value-add crypto community center, a physical billboard for Solana's blockchain platform, and a point of sale for related web3 products. Visitors are able to attend informational events, set up wallets in-store to begin investing, and purchase crypto merchandise. Solana Spaces

Ice-cream influencer’s physical store comes with daily live streams
Catch’n, a newly opened, venture-backed ice cream store in NYC built around digital influencer and one-time Coldstone Creamery employee Dylan Lemay, is taking retail theater to the next level by filming live from the store on YouTube every day. Catch’n

DTC fishing retailer Karl’s picks location for first-ever store using customer data
Online retailer Karl’s Bait & Tackle is opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Fort Worth, Texas. The DTC brand chose the location by poring over customer sales data, and plans to use the retail space to make anglers of any skill level feel welcome by creating a tackle shop with a community-based feel, including expert-led instructional sessions and space for local meetups. Karl’s


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