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Retail Trends: Retail As An Engine For Progress

Retail Trends: Retail As An Engine For Progress

As we celebrate last week's anniversary of the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Actit's important to remember that top retailers and brands can find success by creating opportunities for the disadvantaged with thoughtfully designed products, experiences, and inclusive marketing; and by leveraging operational strengths and local partnerships to address inequalities with initiatives for communal good.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are guiding forces in consumers’ lives today, informing their preferred brands and products and increasingly deciding their purchase patterns and loyalty.

Tiffany & Co puts focus on DEI and social impact initiatives with new hub
Tiffany & Co. last week unveiled its social impact platform, Atrium, a hub where all of its efforts to create a more diverse company and support social causes will live, including a new apprenticeship program that targets underrepresented groups in the jewelry industry. Press Release

Nike Training Club adds workout classes for athletes with disabilities 
Nike is introducing adaptive training workouts to its Nike Training Club (NTC) app. Seven new classes, each created with accessibility and adaptive athletes in mind, feature workouts designed for people with and without disabilities. Engadget

Intimate brands with inclusive focus are winning share from Victoria’s Secret
The era of behemoth brands that push a single aesthetic is long gone, and despite rebranding to be more inclusive, Victoria’s Secret is losing its historic dominance in the intimate apparel space to more inclusive competitors like AdoreMe, Aerie, ThirdLove, Skims, SavageXFenty, Parade, Lively, and others that feature (in-stock) extended sizing and promote products using more representative models. Glossy

Retailers empower women, promote inclusivity in gaming 
Logitech is subverting the typically brash & male gaming design with a new gender-inclusive product line, while Burberry is aiming to change the narrative of women in gaming with a global e-sport scholarship for girls. Press Release


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