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Retail Trend: Retaining Customers With Competitive Value-Add Ecosystems

Retail Trend: Retaining Customers With Competitive Value-Add Ecosystems

While the tech world debates the will-theywon't-they potential of super apps within the western economy, savvy retailers are cutting straight to the chase and realizing that no matter the framework, what shoppers want is the pairing of more options with increased convenience provided in a way that doesn't detract from either.

By building out ecosystem offerings either through partnerships or value-add solutions, retailers are able to create new experiences for their consumers that drive repeat business and create a competitive moat. After all, why would you leave when everything you want is right there?

Walmart entertainment partnership adds to membership perks
The new partnership with Paramount will provide Walmart with a more competitive offering to rival Amazon Prime and its Prime Video service, as well as potentially help boost lagging Walmart+ subscriptions. Walmart

Facebook taps DoorDash to make marketplace deliveries a breeze
DoorDash’s Drive, a business-to-business service that provides drivers to partner merchants, is piloting a new service across several U.S. cities for DoorDash drivers to pick up and drop off items sold on Facebook Marketplace, helping widen Meta’s commerce platform’s delivery options and customer-facing convenience. WSJ

Adding EV stations can “supercharge” retailer-shopper relations
As consumer shopping habits evolve, adding electric vehicle infrastructure and charging stations to brick-and-mortar stores can help retailers attract repeat, loyal customers to their locations by allowing drivers to shop while their cars charge. CSA

Cosmopolitan makes good on its name with new travel service
The new offering from the world's largest women's media brand is a bespoke travel and vacation service aimed at Gen Z and millennials who want to “travel like an editor” through curated experiences. The two- and three-night itineraries provide places to stay, dine, and play, as well as exclusive perks and insider access. Press Release


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