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Trend: Consumers Doing More With Their Digital Twins

Trend: Consumers Doing More With Their Digital Twins

In our PSFK Future of Retail report we presented a future where digital twin experiences would underpin an entirely new paradigm of consumer behavior.

We were talking 2042 in the report, but maybe we need to adjust our timeline as we continue to see the realities of technologically-doubled human capability support a host of beneficial applications across today's near-future and now, from enhancing creative output to boosting employment, to even (as popularized in the iconic Calvin and Hobbes Transmogrifier comic) taking care of daily, in-the-home tasks. After all, two hands are better than one – even if one of them is virtual or robotic! 

Algorithms can now mimic artists, helping them explore new ideas
A new generation of AI image tools can be trained to reproduce the creative and artistic styles of individual artists and create new, on-demand works composed as though by their own hand. Wired

Google robots takes care of “everyday” tasks so you don’t have to
“Everyday robots” from Google’s X moonshot factory are designed to take care of time-consuming repetitive and drudgerous tasks at home like cleaning and putting things away. The robots learn by themselves to adapt to what’s needed in whichever environment they are placed in. Google

Applicants are using deepfakes to land second jobs
Old habits for verifying employees are increasingly unreliable in the face of remote work and evolving deepfake technology that lets people to fake their appearance, voice and identity when applying for jobs. Protocol

Apple’s mixed reality headset will evolve what’s possible IRL
Revolutionary products are successful because they provide innovative experiences previously unimaginable. Apple’s upcoming augmented reality and mixed reality headset, which has already been presented to board members, is set to evolve the way consumers exist across real life and virtual worlds. CNET


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