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Trends: Consumers Look To Hyperlocal Cachet For Tongue-in-Cheek Chic

Trends: Consumers Look To Hyperlocal Cachet For Tongue-in-Cheek Chic

How do you use personal style to stand out in a TikTok’d world where everything is connected and global, where all the it-girls rock the same fashions and the it-boys do too? The answer is: you go hyperlocal.

Consumers are repping their “local” – be it a deli, restaurant, bar, or other business – often paired with higher end jewelry, shoes, and accessories as the fashion statement du jour. It’s a post-ironic, not-just-a-bagel-but-a-lifestyle embrace of the Benjaminian aura (an object's presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be), and it’s helping consumers ground themselves in the whirling interconnectedness of today. The silent clout and insiders-only aspect of neighborhood merch offers personal and meaningful connection for consumers, on par with representing a favorite athlete or team’s jersey or a band t-shirt; as well as gives brands an appealing and often profitable way to engage their current fans while marketing themselves to new ones. 

Nerdcore: Academics clamor for the return of JSTOR merch 
Prompted by passionate consumer demand across social media, JSTOR’s highly coveted, discontinued “dad hats” are slated to return in early 2023. The academic digital library is also planning to (re)launch a full merch store in early 2023. Input

Gen Z’s hottest menswear accessory? A Bass Pro Shops hat
A $6 trucker hat with mesh paneling and a plastic fish logo from Bass Pro Shops has suddenly become the cultural moment’s most fashionable piece of headwear. Spy

“Delicore” goes Hollywood as celebs rep their favorite spots
Celebrities as varied as Pete Davidson, Travis Scott, and Jake Gyllenhaal (who boasts two apparel collabs with NY hotspot Russ & Daughters) have been spotted multiple times rocking restaurant merch. The trend is buzzy enough that Coach even launched a Zabar’s capsule collection this spring, which quickly sold out. PureWow

When it comes to branded apparel… IYKYK
Glossy notes how branded apparel by companies far beyond the fashion space has caught on, as consumers chase down products by local companies that are both nostalgic and known primarily by locals, giving them the real “cool factor.” Glossy


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