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Trend: Intimacy Fuels Consumer-Brand Love Across Platforms

Trend: Intimacy Fuels Consumer-Brand Love Across Platforms

The distinct preferences of younger consumers are driving a foundational shift across social platforms.

Leading brands know they must keep meeting evolving consumer preferences to stay relevant and attract loyalty and spending—and they can do this by emphasizing more private online connections that help young people find intimate shared digital experiences in a fractured online world. 

Roblox’s latest content strategy? Streaming cartoon reruns
As TV viewership dips, and kids today are raised as digital natives, platforms like Roblox are screening reruns of popular Saturday morning cartoons and other content for (the avatars of) their youthful audiences in the metaverse. Press Release

Brands are successfully activating forum communities like Reddit
Instead of investing in costly ads, brands across industries are getting the hang of leveraging online, interest-based communities like Reddit and Discord to create buzz, as well as support product development and consumer research. Read More

Beauty leads the way on “anti-IG” social platform, Be Real
Beauty brands like K18, E.l.f., Inn Beauty Project, and others are among the first organizations to tap the French social media app Be Real, which gives users a two-minute window once a day to post, as a successful marketing tool by leveraging its unique, ephemeral format for authentic, behind-the-scenes sneak peek style content. Glossy

Gen Z is forcing social media to evolve, can brands keep up?
Gen Z's relationship with social media is different than the generations before it, opting for a more fragmented ecosystem, eschewing prior social hierarchies of likes and follower counts, and choosing to use specific apps for particular purposes. Axios


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