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Trend: Meeting Age-Old Problems With New Innovations

Trend: Meeting Age-Old Problems With New Innovations

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, applications of next generation innovations that prioritize human-level needs, rather than purely business ones, can drive both individual and societal growth by creatively reimagining what is possible. 

The premise and promise inherent to new technology is that it will be used to create a better future for both humanity and society, although the reality of progress and its various applications and manifestations can often fail to live up to this idealization.

Can you cure ADHD by “painting” with your brain? Researchers think so
By creating works of art using the power of the mind (and an EEG cap paired with distinct stimuli), researchers believe they’ve found a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical way to help those with attention disorders successfully hone their concentration over time. HyperAllergic

Google’s smart browser tool helps kids 5 and up learn to read 
The browser product, called Read Along, lets kids read aloud into their computer microphone and evaluates their reading performance and pronunciation, helping them along the way with advice and tips. Google is also adapting popular videos from YouTube content creators into digital storybook formats to engage younger users. Google

Pharmacies and hospitals may soon be able to 3D-print drugs
New technology is allowing biotech companies like FabRX to 3D print tablets in 7-17 seconds, a huge improvement and a step toward creating personalized drugs in specific doses. The tech can shine in certain cases, like creating small batches for rare conditions, and is significantly more affordable and creates less waste than setting up a traditional pharma plant. FabRX

Will AI usher in a new era of human creativity?
Harnessing the right AI solutions can ignite creativity by freeing up time to focus on innovation, creating new ways of working, and actively augmenting the creative choices powering human decision-making. EY


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