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People Love Their Local Store, They Want Brands To Love It Too

People Love Their Local Store, They Want Brands To Love It Too

How grocers and brands can enhance the store to make it a richer and more communal experience for shoppers

New research from the PSFK team shows that America still values their grocery store trip and this presents opportunities for both the retailers and the brands whose products are sold there. For a start, shoppers want to get more out of a trip – the rise in dining options is well reported but people also want spaces to meet up, learn, get fit and bank. There's a real opportunity for a consumer brand to come in and develop additional services within the store – and earn brand-love, loyalty and drive in-direct sales.

Too often, retailers are investing in the wrong technology in the store. Sure, give people optimized purchase paths when online but no one wants the greeter to welcome them by name. Step away from the investments in personalization and meal planning apps – and just tool up people's phones so they can scan and pay from the aisle. They also want their phones to find out a lot more about the product, its journey and its impact (e.g. Carrefour)

And maybe the biggest opportunity can be found when we truly understand that the local store is a cornerstone of the community. Our grocery store is where people see each other, it's where they earn money, it's where they make deliveries too and from. As such, folks want stores to be accessible to all members of the community and they want them to lead when it comes to sustainability – so that the local environment is cared for (e.g. at Kroger).

For more check out our latest report, The Grocery Store Playbook. With examples like this from Walmart, you may just find what you need for your business to leverage the relevant opportunities of today and stay ahead of tomorrow's change.